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Rechargeable Micro Series: Wireless LED Art Light

$239.00 - $329.00
Original price $239.00 - Original price $329.00
Original price
$239.00 - $329.00
Current price $239.00
Finish: Brushed Brass
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93+ CRI LED Lights for Art
No Hassle Returns
UV Safe
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Virtually No Heat Transmittal

Our Rechargeable Micro Series is carefully engineered to rest atop artwork for the ultimate in convenience.

  • No cords, no mounting, ever. Simply lift off artwork to recharge.
  • Three brightness levels of color-accurate (93+ CRI) LED light.
  • Simply press button to turn on and change brightness.
  • 5 hour automatic shutoff.
  • Combines a small articulating light head with precision wide angle optics
  • 3 ultra-compact models to match the size of your artwork - see diagrams below for model specific artwork size recommendations.
  • Three axis independently adjustable LEDs allow you to tailor the direction of light output to the specific dimensions of your artwork (2 light model only).
  • Available in color temperatures of 3,000K (recommended), 2,700K, or 4,000K (CCT).
  • Up to 45 hours of light per charge (1 & 2 Light Models).
  • Available finishes: Brushed Brass, Antique Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Silver, and White.

Product Highlights

Meticulously crafted rechargeable art lighting for any decor; contemporary, classic, yours…

The most compact art light ever made; And it’s rechargeable…

No cords, no mounting, just a refined simplicity we think you’ll love.

Our Rechargeable Micro Series is carefully engineered to rest atop artwork for the ultimate in convenience.

The Rechargeable Micro Series provides you with accurate color rendition and multiple brightness levels to illuminate your valued artwork. We combine an extremely small articulating light head with precision wide angle optics to produce a spectacularly brilliant lighting solution for small to medium sized artwork.  So smart, it turns itself off.

Recommended for subjects:

1 Light Short (8″): up to 18″ W x 24″ T

1 Light Standard (11″): up to 24″ W x 30″ T

2 Light: Adjustable for artwork up to 36″ W x 30″ T or 24″ W x 40″ T

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

Recommended Artwork Sizing & Product Dimensions

Rechargeable Micro Series

Maximum Recommended Artwork Sizes


Tech Specs

3 Brightness settings

Memory function records last setting used

5 Hour Automatic Shutoff

93+ CRI

3,000K (recommended), 2,700K, or 4,000K (CCT) LED light

UV and infrared safe

Energy efficient

UL Listed charger

Safe NiMH Battery Technology

No installation required

Weight: 11 oz. (1 Light) – 18oz. (2 Light)

Requires 0.785" clearance behind artwork

Battery width: 6" (1 Light) – 9.5" (2 Light)

Charges in approximately 4 hours

Included items: charger and light

Made by us in Sarasota, FL, USA

Situ Lighting's Wireless and Rechargeable LED Art and Picture Lights: A Closer Look at Technical Features

Our Rechargeable Micro Series offers best-in-class coverage and battery life paired with an incredibly small form factor, resulting in the world’s smallest wireless art light. At Situ Art Lighting, our cordless and rechargeable LED art and picture lights feature a high Color Rendering Index of 93+ across both color temperatures available, 3000K and 2700K, allowing you to enjoy superior lighting quality with the convenience of a wireless design.

Our rechargeable battery-operated picture lights utilize NiMH batteries to offer the ultimate in battery longevity and safety. This means you’ll enjoy an easy and energy efficient charging process without concern for loss of battery life between uses. The use of proprietary optics allows for the collection and redistribution of light to not only increase system efficiency, but also provide an ideal shape of light for displaying artwork.

The Advantages of Rechargeable Picture Lights

The Rechargeable Micro Series wireless LED art light allows for easy one-handed placement and removal of the fixture via the unique, no-mounting-required design. This system simply rests atop your artwork or picture frame, and the counterbalance between the battery pack and light head takes care of the rest. This means you’ll not only enjoy convenient charging when needed, but also an incredibly versatile design that can be used on a number of different pieces within moments.

The NiMH batteries used mean you’ll enjoy a long battery life span with less frequent need for replacement, as is the case with many other lights on the market. Wireless and rechargeable LED art and picture lights allow you to enhance the visual appeal and impact of your artwork without unsightly wires or the need to hire an electrician.