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Plug-in ArtTrack: Minimally Designed Lighting for Medium to Large Artwork

$199.00 - $779.00
Original price $199.00 - Original price $779.00
Original price
$199.00 - $779.00
Current price $199.00
Finish: Brass Arm with Brass Head
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93+ CRI LED Lights for Art
No Hassle Returns
UV Safe
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Virtually No Heat Transmittal

LED art lighting specifically designed for medium to all but the largest artwork

  • Ultra low-profile allows for installation with flush mount framed and unframed artwork.
  • Versatile mounting design allows for attachment to wall, frame, or directly to unframed artwork.
  • Traditional art lights fail to provide light beyond the top 30-40" of the artwork. The Plug-in ArtTrack is capable of evenly lighting artwork up to 60" tall.
  • Uses a select combination of primary and secondary optics based on the size and orientation of artwork selected by the customer.
  • Remote control (programmable to multiple lights - see video here) offers dimming via 60+ settings of color-accurate LED light.
  • Available in color temperatures of 3,000K or 2,700K (CCT).
  • Configurable for artwork up to 120"W x 40"T or 84"W x 60"T. Multiple systems can be used together on even larger works.
  • Use recessed outlet mounting box like the Arlington DVFR1W-1 for outlet installation behind artwork (not required). Not compatible with legacy "clock box" style recessed outlets.
  • 1, 2, and 3 light models come with a white power supply (black upon request in order notes). 4, 5, 6, and 7 light models only available with black power supply.

Product Highlights

Meticulously crafted art lighting for any decor; contemporary, classic, yours…

Plug-in ArtTrack – Situ’s newest line and another first in the picture and art lighting world.

A minimal, high output, LED art lighting system for works from 2‘ to 10.5‘ wide and up to 5′ tall. Configured for 1 – 7 lights and using a variety of cutting-edge optics to suit the dimensions of your artwork.  Multiple systems can be used seamlessly on even larger works.

It has been specifically developed to work with flush-mounted framed and unframed artwork. Featuring the slimmest profile of any light on the market for minimal interference and gap between your wall and artwork.

Light output of 3,000K or 2,700K (CCT) and 93+ CRI provides for crisp, accurate lighting across artwork of various mediums, eras, and styles. UV free, with virtually no heat transmittal and a LED-rated life of over 70,000 hours, you'll enjoy this light for years to come.

Designed with the same user-friendly installation of our products you‘re used to, it’s a great option for large format artwork.

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

Recommended Artwork Sizing & Product Dimensions

Plug-in ArtTrack Recommended Artwork Sizing

Configurable for artwork up to 120" (W) x 40" (H) or 84" W x 60" (H). Multiple systems can be used together on even larger works.

Different optics are used for different sizes and formats of artwork: Landscape (Horizontal) Orientation (artwork less than 40″ tall)

Traditional art lights only provide even illumination for the top 30 – 40″ of your artwork. This is where the ArtTrack excels:

Portrait (Vertical) Orientation or Artwork Over 40″ Tall

Using a different combination of optics we’re able to light taller artwork.  

These optics also give excellent control over the lateral distribution of light and help confine it to artwork.

Two Mounting Styles

Versatile mounting design allows for attachment to artwork (frame or canvas) or directly to the wall.

Toolless options included for both mounting methods.

Plug-in ArtTrack Product Dimensions

Tech Specs

Remote control for easy access

Articulates for perfect light placement

60+ brightness settings

Slim, minimalist profile

93+ CRI

3,000K or 2,700K (CCT) LED light

UV and infrared safe

Convenient and low profile frame, canvas or wall mounting

Specialized tapes for mounting to metal frames or artwork available upon request

Energy efficient

UL Listed power supply

Tools recommended for installation: screwdriver, tape measure, pencil

Modular for paintings up to 104″W x 60″T

Weight: 3oz. per light

Neck length: 10-12″

Head diameter: 1″

Included items: Remote control, power supply, DC jack extension cord, and mounting hardware

Use of a recessed outlet mounting box recommended for installation behind artwork

Made by us in Sarasota, FL, USA

Elevate Your Space: The Aesthetics of Situ's Track Lighting for Pictures

The Plug-in ArtTrack offers a seamless solution for illuminating your artwork, designed specifically for compatibility with flush mount artwork hung using a French cleat. Despite the deliberate, sleek design, the minimal footprint of the mounting system also allows for installation on a wide range of artworks and frame styles using the included mechanical track. Numerous sizes are available to provide coverage for a wide variety of displays. The modular design of the track also allows for seamlessly combining systems to illuminate large artwork that surpasses the maximum width of our largest system. The elegant, modern design complements various interior styles and tastes, enhancing the visual harmony between the lighting, artwork, and room décor. Six finishes are currently available to best match your frame or nearby furnishings, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic that elevates the ambiance of your space with track lighting for artwork.

How the Plug-in ArtTrack Minimizes Damage Compared to Alternatives

The Plug-in ArtTrack, like each of our fixtures, utilizes integrated LEDs for illuminating your prized artwork. These LEDs offer several advantages over legacy bulbs, including efficient energy conversion and minimal heat generation. LEDs directly convert energy into light, as opposed to legacy bulbs that create light only as a byproduct of heat from burning a filament. This means that delicate mediums and precious keepsakes alike will retain their integrity thanks to the lack of heat transfer from the fixture. Our LEDs are also UV and infrared safe, keeping your artwork displayed exactly as intended without concern for fading or damage caused by art gallery lighting fixtures. With the Plug-in ArtTrack system, you can illuminate your artwork with confidence, knowing that both the visual appeal and physical integrity are safeguarded.