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Rechargeable Touch Series Picture Light: Wireless LED Art Light

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Finish: Brushed Brass
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95+ CRI LED Lights for Art
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UV Safe
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Virtually No Heat Transmittal

Easily remove, recharge, and replace the light from the mount. No tools required.

  • Three brightness levels of color-accurate (95+ CRI) LED light.
  • Simply press button to turn on and change brightness.
  • 5 hour automatic shutoff.
  • Recommended for artwork up to 40"W x 30"T.
  • Versatile and low profile mounting system allows for attachment to artwork or wall.
  • Can be mounted to bottom of artwork (or wall) when top is out of reach (fireplaces, mantles, behind furniture, etc.).
  • Available in color temperatures of 3,000K or 2,700K (CCT).
  • Up to 50 hours of light per charge.
  • Available finishes: Brushed Brass, Antique Bronze, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Black, Silver, and White.

Product Highlights

Meticulously crafted rechargeable art lighting for any decor; contemporary, classic, yours…

Spectacular art lighting that’s rechargeable, convenient, and energy-efficient.  This is a whole new thing.

We’ve seen some poor attempts at battery-powered art lighting, none of which are rechargeable, and the worst of it requiring you to remove your artwork from the wall to change batteries.

Finally, a convenient approach: with one hand and no tools you can remove the light from the mount, charge it, and replace it with just as much ease.

With a soft-touch button, you have access to three levels of color-accurate lighting to brilliantly illuminate your works of art. So smart, it turns itself off.

Recommended for artwork up to 40” (W) x 30” (T)

Browse our collection of battery-operated picture lights for the perfect companion to your artwork.

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

Recommended Artwork Sizing & Product Dimensions

Rechargeable Touch Series

Product Dimensions

Diagram of TouchSeries Setup Diagram of TouchSeries Length Recommended for artwork up to 40


Tech Specs

3 Brightness settings

Memory function records last setting used

5 Hour Automatic Shutoff

Super slim profile

95+ CRI

3,000K or 2,700K (CCT) LED light

UV and infrared safe

Convenient and low profile frame, canvas or wall mounting

UL Listed charger

Safe NiMH Battery Technology

Tools recommended for installation: screwdriver, drill (optional), hammer (optional), pencil

Regular model extends 10" from mounting surface. Short 7" variant available upon request.

Requires 1/2" clearance behind artwork

Weight: < 1lb.

Dimensions: 15 ½” wide x ¾” diameter

Charges in approximately 4 hours

Included Items: charger, mounting hardware, and light

Made by us in Sarasota, FL

Benefits of Using Rechargeable Touch Series Picture Lights

The Rechargeable Touch Series offers numerous features to enhance the functionality of the fixture in addition to the aesthetics of your artwork and room decor. This bar-style wireless light is designed to bring attention to your artwork while also being convenient to use, energy-efficient, and improving ambiance.

Convenience and Flexibility

The system can be installed anywhere without the need for outlets or wiring. When charging is required, the unique design allows for easy one-handed removal from the magnet assembly. Multiple axes of adjustment provide the ultimate flexibility for highlighting various styles of artwork.

Energy Efficiency

Our wireless lights use safe and long-lasting NiMH batteries. The low power consumption of these batteries combined with advanced LED technology reduces the need for frequent recharging.

Aesthetic Enhancement

The Rechargeable Touch Series offers a better alternative to traditional lights. This system accentuates the colors and details in your artwork without overpowering the presentation, all while enhancing the overall aesthetic and ambiance of the room. By appropriately highlighting your piece, this fixture will increase the attention to, and thereby the appreciation of, your cherished artwork. The sleek, modern 3/8” bar style design is available in six available finishes made of the finest materials to best suit your taste and home décor.

Detailed Features of Our Wireless Art Lights

Our Rechargeable Touch Series wireless art lights enhance your lighting experience and improve the display of your artwork via the adjustable brightness, high 95+ CRI LEDs, automatic shutoff, and UV & infrared safe LEDs that transmit virtually no heat.

Adjustable Brightness

This fixture offers three brightness settings, easily accessible via the push button on the end of the fixture. This allows you to customize your presentation, enhancing visibility and creating the perfect display for a variety of artwork. When turned off and on, the memory settings will retain the last used brightness level and return to that setting.


The high 95+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) ensures true-to-life colors, improving the visual appeal of artwork by accurately displaying and enhancing details that may otherwise be missed.

Automatic Shutoff

The system features a 5 Hour Automatic Shutoff Timer, allowing you to enjoy illuminated artwork at any time without concern for battery drain.

UV and Infrared Safe

Our lights are UV and infrared safe with virtually no heat transmittal to your artwork, minimizing the risk of light and heat induced damage, thus preserving the quality and longevity of valuable pieces.